Jeff Bezos – Was The Richest Man in the World raised eating Cuban food?

Jeff Bezos was named the richest man in the world in 2020 with an estimated worth of $182.5 billion dollars.

Jeff was adopted when he was four years old by Miguel Bezos when he married his mom Jaclyn, and Jeff assumed his last name. Miguel is a Cuban immigrant who worked as an engineer for Exxon when he moved to the United States.

Jeff credits his father for the tremendous success he has had:

I would be nobody without my Cuban father.  My dad, a Cuban immigrant, came to the United States when he was 16 and was in a refugee camp in the Everglades. When he came here from Cuba at 16, not only was he all alone, but he only spoke Spanish. His grit, determination, and optimism are inspiring.

It seems Jeff was so certain that his business idea of starting Amazon would be a huge success that he shared it with his parents, Mike and Jacklyn back in 1995. They lent him around $245,000 which was considered a large sum of money back then, and as we know it turned out to be a great investment for them since Amazon is now worth $1.5 trillion.

Jeff’s father, Mike Bezos, never forgot his Cuban roots and he loves Cuban food, so much so that his wife learned how to make it and has become an expert in cooking it as he says below:

I’m a Cuban first, but I always feel very proud to be American at the same time. At home, the language was English, and it wasn’t until later when the kids were growing up that we brought Spanish back, because whenever we got together with my Cuban family, it was all Spanish.  Jackie, my wife, who speaks perfect Spanish, learned Spanish because she wanted to know what my mother was saying about her and she found out that my mother loved her. My wife makes some amazing Cuban food, and my kids love Cuban food. 

Jeff grew up in Miami and graduated from Palmetto High School where he was the valedictorian in 1982.

So, we have to assume that Jeff grew up eating Cuban food such as palomilla steak, moros (black beans and rice), plantains, and croquetas. And maybe a guava pastelito or a flan for dessert. We don’t really know since he has never discussed this part of his upbringing publicly.


He is now focused on eating “healthier” foods, but one can imagine that he must crave a Cuban antojito now and then.

So, the moral of this story is if you want to be really rich, you have to eat Cuban food.

A comer comida cubana se ha dicho. 


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