Camila Cabello loves Cuban Food

Camila Cabello is one of the hottest singers in the world. Her rise to fame began when she was selected by Simon Cowell to be a member of a quintet of singers in the television show The X Factor.

That group later was named Fifth Harmony and was considered the most successful female group for several years. They had hits like Work from Home, Worth It, and That’s My Girl.

The music world was shocked when Camila decided to leave the group in December 2016 to pursue a solo career. She was by far the most popular member of the group, and her exit left a huge dent in the group forcing them to disband in March 2018.

Perhaps her biggest hit has been Havana, a tune that was heard worldwide and caused a new interest in Cuba and anything to do with the Cuban culture.

Her father is from Mexico and her mother from Cuba, and Camila was born in Havana. She is proud of both of her cultures and enjoys eating Cuban pork, black beans, rice, and sweet plantains. She also loves tacos.

In an interview she was quoted saying:

My grandma still makes pork and rice and beans every holiday like she did, and my mom still feels the waves of the malecón in her heartbeat because she still feels the most at peace when she’s by the sea. 

In another interview, Camila said for lunch she has rice, beans, and sweet plantains.  So, it seems she has a passion for Cuban food.

This is the type of Cuban pork meal that Camila’s grandma would make.

Camila’s latest project is not singing, but acting since she will portray Cinderella in a new production that will be released on July 16. She fits the role very well because not only is she pretty, but her life is like a fairy tale…. and she is Cuban.

We wish her the best with all of her upcoming projects.






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