Cuban Coffee – Cafecito Cubano – A Very Cuban tradition

One of the most important daily rituals of a Cuban or Cuban-American household is drinking coffee – el cafecito. And not only in the morning but throughout the day. At workplaces all over Miami, you will find a cafetera cubana (Cuban coffee maker) where Cuban coffee is brewed all day long.


Or someone from the office may visit a nearby cafeteria to buy a colada to share with everyone. The colada coffee is poured into small plastic cups and given to those who need an extra jolt to stay alert. It’s a habit that has been hard to break and many look forward to cafecito time whether at the office, at home, or a local restaurant’s ventanita.

You can also enjoy a café con leche and dunk buttered Cuban bread into it. This is a habit that most Cuban and Cuban-American children are taught and it is carried into adulthood.

If you want a smaller version of the café con leche you can order a cortadito.

A continuous debate is which brand of coffee is the best to make Cuban coffee. The most popular brands are Bustelo, Pilon, La Llave, and Cubita. They all have their fans who swear that making Cuban coffee is best with that brand. Which one is your favorite?

The traditional manner to make Cuban coffee is using an Italian coffee maker, but many of those in the younger generation prefer to make it with an espresso maker.

Here is an authentic way to make Cuban coffee at home courtesy of the Easy Cooking Cuban YouTube Channel.

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