Cuban Restaurant in Paris

If you plan to travel to Paris and are going to stay there for a while, and you are hungry for Cuban food…well you are in luck. Surprisingly, there are several Cuban restaurants in Paris and they have good reviews.

Although I haven’t been to any of them, I chose to feature Havanita because of its interior decor and because the food looks good. There is also another reason for this. Those of us who are Cuban exiles have to be careful when traveling and visiting one of these restaurants because people we consider to be traitors to our country are seen as heroes in other countries. I saw photos of one of these persons in two other restaurants so I didn’t want to promote them in my blog. I think you can figure out who it is which leads me to believe that the owners of these restaurants sympathize with the Cuban revolution.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that the option to eat Cuban food is available when visiting this magical city. As you can see, the interior of this restaurant is very inviting.

There is even an area where you can gather with your friends to smoke Cuban cigars.

The food looks delicious and based on some of the reviews it seems that it is.

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